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Africa Biomass Company, also known as ABC, came from humble beginnings and is now the biggest wood chipping and biomass company in Sub-Saharan Africa. With a range of agri-services and wood chipping machines, ABC aims to assist farmers, municipalities, governments and corporate entities with their agricultural needs. Our wide range of services are not only in demand within our borders but across them too. We provide services to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya and Nigeria too. This is why we are the biggest biomass and wood chipping company on the continent. We provide much needed assistance to farmers who need a mulch that retains moisture for their plantations. Through the use of our mulch spreading service, new plantations, orchards, vineyards etc. water can be conserved. Irrigation costs are drastically cut as our waste wood chip mulch retains water and allows it to seep back into the soil slowly. This keeps the soil cool and moist enabling root and vegetative growth. Mulch is also an excellent weed suppressant and has soil erosion benefits too.

Our Services:

Orchard, vineyard and windbreak recycling | Mulch spreading in new and established plantations | Biomass for energy generation | Site clearing and preparation | River rehabilitation in riparian zones | Wood chipper parts | SETA certified operator training | Wood chipper workshop and field services | Manufacturing and repair workshop

Africa Biomass Company

The Africa Biomass Company Wood Chipper Range

  1. Engine Hand-Fed Wood Chippers
    65XP | 75XP | Intimidator 12XPC | Intimidator 12XP Blueline | Intimidator 15XPC | Intimidator 15XP Blueline | Intimidator 18XP | Intimidator 19XP | Intimidator 21XP
  2. PTO Hand-Fed Wood Chippers
    65XP PTO | 95XP PTO | Intimidator 12XP PTO | Intimidator 15XP PTO
  3. Horizontal Grinders
    1425 Mini Beast | 1680XP | 2680XP | 3680XP | 4680XP
  4. Stump Grinders
    HB20 Sidewinder | ZT1844 | SG-40 | 2250R | 2650SP | 2890SP | 2900T | SG-75 | 3100T
  5. Whole Tree Chippers
    1855 | Intimidator 20XP | 2290 | 2590 | 2400XP | 3090 | 3590 | 3590XL

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