Introducing Battery Pro

Battery Pro is the official South African importer and distributor of Maxim sealed maintenance free, automotive batteries.  Our range is extensive, and includes 30 types of top-quality calcium/calcium automotive batteries. The Battery Pro promise is that each of our batteries are sealed, completely maintenance free and come with a 2-year warranty.

Our products meet the highest standards, and provide clients with outstanding quality batteries, with impressively long lives. At Battery Pro, we pride ourselves on providing excellent imported automotive batteries, which will enhance both the performance and longevity of our client’s motor vehicles. Our staff is expertly trained in installing, maintaining and repairing maxim sealed, maintenance free automotive batteries, and can offer clients professional, reliable advice about which is the product best suited to their needs.

Our prices are highly competitive, as we offer some of the best deals on international brands on the market! If you are looking for quality guaranteed batteries and related products, then we are your one-stop shop!

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Our products

We import, stock and distribute top-quality products, including Maxim sealed maintenance free, calcium/calcium automotive batteries in the following ranges:

  • 628 12V45AH
  • 618 12V36AH
  • 652 12V66AH

as well as solar/gel/deep cycle batteries with 12V105AH/10HR measurements.

For more information on the excellent Battery Pro services and products, please feel free to visit our website or contact us directly today.

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