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Ecentric provides South African payment gateways that are accurate, reliable and easy to use. As your one-stop provider for omnichannel payments services, we offer the technical expertise you need to take control of processing and reconciliation in your business.

As leaders in payment compliance and security, we offer a comprehensive range of payment processing services to meet all your needs. As the first certified decryption provider in South Africa, our clients can rest assured knowing they are dealing with industry professionals who have been vetted to adhere to regulations set by PCI DSS standards.

Our services include:

Payment Switching
Payment switching helps boost the financial inclusion of a business by allowing them to provide their customers with multiple accurate cashless payment options. This allows for increased economic growth and has proven itself as an edge against competitors, giving consumers more convenience than ever before.

Our reconciliation software enables merchants to see their financial landscape for a set period of time to help easily resolve settlement differences in payments across all channels, in-store or online, and eliminates any manual error.

Money Transfers
Our money transfer service allows consumers to send and receive payments through a variety of channels. Our counter-to-counter solution is tailored for retail environments, with flexible configuration options that meet specific retailer requirements.

Online Payments
We can assist all sized businesses in establishing online payment gateways. With Ecentric, merchants receive peace of mind that their online payment portal fully complies with relevant legislative rules. Additionally, our systems are designed to mitigate fraudulent behaviour.

Our OmniHub platform provides merchants access to multiple participating digital service providers and alternative payments through a single integration. This software allows businesses to embrace the future world of payments with ease through one easy integration.

Why choose Ecentric?

Ecentric has built a reputation for providing reliable payment processing services to major South African retailers. With uninterrupted switching services, we help merchants maintain necessary communication with all customer channels to execute effective payments in-store and online.

We offer payment processing with the capability to scale across Africa. If you would like to implement any of our systems in your business, contact our dedicated team for more information.

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