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If you have been receiving a range of beauty treatments that have not shown results, it is time to consider rather coming to EWC Mediwellness Centre for your treatments! We offer a wide variety of advanced treatments – that are guaranteed to show results. Our wellness centre was established in 2004 and our main aim is to make efficient and approved beauty treatments available to the public. We want to assist our clients in regaining control over their health, body and skin, by offering world class treatments.

We understand that most people nowadays are too busy to take care of themselves completely. Our treatments offer a unique way to take care of your body again, for a beautiful, younger looking self.

Our expertise lies in body shaping and contouring, which offer clients the opportunity to reach their ideal body weight without opting for surgery. Come visit our centre and see what it is all about.

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Our treatments and services

At EWC Mediwellness Centre, we offer a wide range of technologically advanced beauty treatments that target specific areas and body issues. These revolutionary treatments are provided by our trained and qualified beauty therapists. Each treatment is safe and will allow clients to witness results in no time.

Our treatments include:

  • Body – we specialise in body contouring and shaping treatments such as Fat Freezing and Endermologie.
  • Health – our health treatments are aimed at letting clients regain their health. Our treatments include Ozone Spa, Slender Wonder, and more.
  • Skin – we offer various anti-ageing treatments, as well as treatments that target specific skin ailments.

To get in touch with the team at EWC and book your treatments today, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.


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