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No matter the event, with our wide range of dress designs, in almost any colour imaginable, you are bound to find something you love without going to a lot of trouble. At Jacoba Clothing, it is our mission to help women of all shapes and sizes find the perfect dress, without wasting a lot of time or money. We manufacture our dresses to fit your body, which is why we can supply anything from size 32 – 48. Whether you are looking for a full-length dress, or you want to show off some skin, we can make it happen.

If you have found a dress you love, you can either visit our store to try it on and place an order, or you can order it online. Our team is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about our clients, and we’ll make sure you have your dress in time for the event!

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    What we offer

    For timeless designs and minimum effort, Jacoba Clothing is the ideal choice! Our dresses are manufactured to our clients’ exact measurements, so you can be sure that your dress will fit you perfectly. Our dresses are available in almost 40 assorted colours, and can therfore be worn to all kinds of events. A lot of brides also prefer our dresses for their bridesmaids since they can pick the exact colour they have in mind. Our designs include classical, modern, and also more bold options.

    We specialise in:

    • Bridesmaid Dresses
    • Cocktail Wear
    • Evening Wear
    • Bridal Wear (for the bride and mother of the bride)

    To order your very own Jacoba dress, all we need is your preferred style, your colour choice, and your measurements. Once the dress is ready, clients can either come and collect it at our store, or we can arrange for it to be delivered to your preferred location. Our deliveries can be done locally and internationally.

    If you have been struggling to find the right dress for your body shape and size, you don’t have to anymore! Visit our website, start browsing through our catalogue, and place your order!

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