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Are you tired of watching your child struggle with homework? Why not get him/her the help he/she needs by bringing him/her to Kip McGrath Durbanville? We specialise in extra remedial lessons that are specifically suited to meet their learning demands, and help them overcome any difficulties and achieve academic success. Our structured learning programmes are suited for learners from grade R – 12, and we also offer other helpful academic courses such as a Reading and Study Skills course.

When requesting help from our centre, the first step is to bring in your child for a free assessment so that we can determine where his/her difficulties lie. Hereafter, we can construct a learning programme that will target these difficulties, and our tutors will work with your child to overcome them, boost their confidence, and achieve academic success. What are you waiting for? Give your child the help he/she needs, today!

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What we offer

If you are looking to provide your child with the help that he/she needs to achieve academic success, then look no further than the team at Kip McGrath Durbanville. We specialise in offering extra remedial lessons for learners from grade R – 12. Seeing that our lessons are structured to your child’s learning needs, we are able to help him/her overcome personal obstacles to achieve his/her full potential. We are open after school, for learners’ and parents’ convenience.

The courses and subjects we focus on:

  • School Readiness Course
  • Afrikaans Extra Lessons
  • Reading Skills Course
  • Maths Extra Lessons
  • Study Skills Course
  • English Extra Lessons

If you as a parent would like some more information, be sure to visit our website, or contact our team directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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