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We believe that all businesses should prioritise the safety and comfort of their workers with suitable, high-quality workwear. To help achieve this goal, Mr Overall supplies leading solutions suitable for all industry needs.

Established in 1992, we have had years of experience mastering the art of quality workwear and are not strangers to the necessity of these solutions. Our industry standing allows us expert insight into what is required for innovative workwear for men and women. Furthermore, our team takes a full-service approach to guarantee that the needs of our clients are met!

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More about our workwear

Overalls and Contisuits

We help ensure the safety needs of your employees with one and two-piece overalls. This workwear is available in various colours and sizes to suit workers in all environments. Additionally, we embrace innovation to offer contisuit options of superior quality and increase the safety capability of our solutions.

Safety Footwear

Hazardous environments require specialised workwear to provide employees with ultimate protection. We have a range of safety footwear options, including shoes and boots, to suit the needs of all work environments. Our range offers options for men and women, and all prioritise comfort.

Winter workwear

Uniquely designed winter workwear helps employees remain comfortable and productive regardless of climate. We supply freezer jackets and rainsuits designed to provide comfort, maximum insulation and enhanced protection in even the coldest environments!

Safety gear

Maintaining workplace safety is a necessity in dangerous environments. To ensure these safety regulations are met, we supply quality gear to protect workers in all industries. Our items are suitable for men and women and meet all relevant legal requirements.

Women’s workwear

Workwear needs to cater for the unique needs of the wearer. We strive to meet this need by supplying specialised workwear solutions for men and women in all industries. Our garments are designed to suit women’s body types and provide comfort and necessary protection.

Branded apparel

Apparel items are primarily used by the service and delivery industries. These uniforms help create an identifiable and professional-looking team. In addition, we supply various apparel items that can be uniquely branded with your business’s log. All items are available in multiple colours and sizes and are suitable for men and women.

The best in workwear

Mr Overall guarantees quality every time! The correct workwear can significantly impact your team’s performance, which is why the quality of the contisuit and workwear options you choose should be held in the highest regard.

Our team offers extensive industry insight to help you meet the practical and safety needs of your workforce. If you are interested in selecting the best workwear combination, be sure to reach out to our experts for assistance.

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