Meet Peace of Afrika

Peace of Afrika forms part of the Mint Clothing brand. With this unique brand, we offer a wide selection of African-inspired items to clients. All products that we offer have been carefully sourced and selected to represent only the very best talents that South Africa has to offer. When shopping with us, clients can take their own piece of Africa home with them.

Included in our product range, client will find beautiful cotton knits, leather bags and handmade leather shoes and boots. Our footwear options are very popular and include boots, vellies, Nguni shoes, and more.

We offer:

At Peace of Afrika, clients will find a wide range of products including:

  • Bags & Satchels
  • Cotton Knits
  • Vellies for Men, Women & Kids
  • Leather Boots for Men, Women & Kids
  • Nguni Products

To find out more about any of the items we are offering, or for more detail on the various markets where you can find us, please feel free to have a look at our website or contact our team directly. If you are ready to buy your own piece of Africa, go to our online shop, fill your basket and place your order. Once confirmed, your items will be delivered to your door.


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