Trust Zendasat for safe asbestos removal

Trust Zendasat for the safe and efficient removal of asbestos and asbestos-containing materials. We are a professional and accredited contractor that specialise in the management, removal and disposal of hazardous waste. Asbestos is deemed as a hazardous waste product and only trusted and approved specialists should be hired to safely remove and dispose thereof.


As we are committed to ensuring a safer new horizon, we aim to provide cost effective and safe services in the asbestos abatement industry as well as in the decontamination sector. Additionally to our asbestos management and removal services, we offer a coronavirus decontamination service which eliminates 99.9% of infectious agents including COVID-19. We are a trusted service provider in the asbestos removal industry, as we remain committed to the necessary requirements of regular training and compliance adherence. Our accreditation include RAC, FEM, COCT, NEMWA and CIPC.

The Zendasat consultancy division provides the following services

  1. The Department of Labour – notifications
  2. Asbestos Approved Inspection Authority for plan of works, air monitoring and clearance certificates
  3. Registered asbestos removal contractor
  4. Waste disposal facility which includes waste material certification

Therefore, we are a single point of contact for the above roles in the management, removal and disposal of asbestos and asbestos-containing materials.

Similarly, our value proposition should also be noted; Positioning, Core Values, People, Integrity, Excellence and Ethics.
Our positioning offers our clients cost effective and informed decisions regarding to all aspects of the removal and management of asbestos.
Our core values revolve around cost effective solutions, ethical advice and sensible asbestos removal services for our customers.
Our value proposition is an investment in our people by providing a well trained and safety conscious workforce.
Our dedication to integrity and excellence speaks for itself, we commit to excellence in all our dealings and take accountability for our services, advice and processes.
We are committed to ethical behaviour in all we say and do.

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