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Discovering and exploring new areas is one of the most enriching aspects of traveling. Visiting popular tourist spots, or going off the beaten path add to the charm of a vacation, and with these Paarl travel and tourism services, visitors to the area will be able to have an adventure like no other! Paarl has a rich history, spanning as far back as its beginnings in 1687, when it was originally known as Drakenstein. The town is full of old buildings and historical houses and churches, such as Het Gesticht church, which was built in 1812. One of the oldest hotels in the area, the Klein Vredenburg Guest House, was built in the 1800’s and is a popular monument among visitors. The Paarl travel and tourism services and companies offer exciting tours of the area, including exciting and informative wine tasting tours of the various wine estates. The Paarl travel and tourism companies employ experienced tour guides, who are steeped in knowledge of the stunning ancient town and its rich history. Visitors will learn about the various Khoikhoi and San tribes who were the original inhabitants of Paarl, as well as the subsequent modernisation of the town by settlers. The Paarl travel and tourism services provide guests with the opportunity to explore both tourist shops and lesser-known, hidden gems of interest, all while traveling in comfortable, luxury vehicles to and from their destinations. The tour guides provide hours of fun and exciting activities, to ensure that their clients are never bored! In Paarl, one can go on an indulgent wine tasting tour, see the area in a comfortable shuttle tour, or get in touch with their adventurous side with a river rafting adventure! If you would like to learn more about the historic town of Paarl, feel free to browse through the advertisements below for more information.

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