Introducing Pet & Pool Warehouse

Pet & Pool Warehouse is an independent, specialist retail chain that is quickly redefining both the pet and pool retail industry. We strive to live by our motto of RANGE – PRICE – ADVICE, and we provide our customers with outstanding service and top-quality products, to rival any pet stores on the market.

For the staff at Pet & Pool Warehouse, the world would not be complete without animals, and we take the welfare of all creatures very seriously. We pride ourselves on the sheer dedication and hours we have given to pets by proactively supporting successful pet adoptions through various charitable shelters and organisations. We believe that all animals deserve a loving, caring and happy fur-ever home!

What we offer

Here at Pet & Pool Warehouse, pet parents will find a variety of essentials that are required for the care of pets, including:

  • high quality food
  • animal pharmaceuticals
  • fun and boredom busting toys
  • kennels, hutches, runs & pet carriers
  • educational books
  • dog and cat grooming products
  • pet shampoos and skin conditioners
  • and loads of good advice!

The Pet & Pool Warehouse staff are able to provide excellent support and advice to both novice animal owners and experienced pet parents, so no matter your needs, we can meet them all!

For more information on our extensive product range, contact us today!

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